Our footprints 

We believe in sustainability in all we do. We even base our strategy on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our former CEO, Per Grieg Sr, once said: “What matters is the footprints you leave behind”. That means you need to know what impact your actions will have.

It is not easy to fully understand the implications of your actions. Sometimes what you thought was right, may turn out to be wrong. We all make mistakes. But that does not take away your obligation to always strive to do good. We know short term profit doesn’t guarantee long term success. Doing what is good, on the other hand, lays the foundation for that success. 

In the Grieg Group, we say that we go to work to make money, behave, and have fun. Each of them is equally important for us to achieve that long term success. That is also why we publish our financial results together with our actions and footprints within environment, society and governance.

News regarding our ESG-work