A group of employees forming a heart on the deck of a vessel.

Long term focus

Grieg Shipowning

Grieg Maritime Group has a dedicated team responsible for our investments related in owned and chartered open hatch vessels.

The Shipowning team focuses on acquiring and disposing of vessels, managing capital structure and financing, and ensuring the financial performance of the fleet. The goal is to maintain a cost-efficient and profitable fleet that can handle various cargoes and trading patterns within the G2 Ocean pool.

Shipowning is responsible for ensuring compliance with maritime laws and regulations. Reducing the fleet’s carbon footprint is a top priority to meet the goal of cutting emissions by 50% by 2030.

To achieve this and other product development initiatives, Grieg Star provides technical expertise and manages the day-to-day operations of the vessels under a ship management agreement.

Our vessels

Since the mid-1960s, our focus has been on Open Hatch vessels, specialised for parcelled goods. We have 31 vessels, of which eight are chartered on long-term contracts.