One of Griegs Open Hatch vessels at the dock.

World-class shipping


In the mid-1960s, we saw the possibilities in Open Hatch vessels, tailor-made for parcelled goods. Since then, we have owned, managed and commercially operated these vessels. Now, they are a part of the pool of G2 Ocean – the world’s largest Open Hatch shipping company.

A group of employees forming a heart on the deck of a vessel.


We have over 30 Open Hatch vessels, both owned and chartered. To ensure a sustainable business, our shipowning team handles everything from fleet renewals to charter party discussions.

An open hatch vessel carrying heavy load across the sea.

Ship management

Ship management of our ships is handled by Grieg Star, managing the ship’s daily operations and maintenance, ensuring they perform safely and efficiently.

One of G2 Ocean´s open hatch vessels.

Commercial Operation

The commercial operation of our ships is handled by G2 Ocean, a partnership between Gearbulk and us. Since its launch in 2017, G2 Ocean has grown to become the largest ship operator in the open hatch segment worldwide. The company manages a fleet of more than 120 vessels. G2 Ocean has 37 different trade lanes and a team of over 300 experienced professionals.