Portrait of Chief Strategy Officer Kjerstin Hernes

New Chief Strategy Officer

Effective from the 1st of June, Kjerstin Hernes has been promoted to the role of Chief Strategy Officer in Grieg Maritime Group. 

Kjerstin Hernes, our new Chief Strategy Officer, joined Grieg Maritime Group in 2019 as a Project Portfolio Analyst. She delivered solid results, increased responsibilities and new tasks, and in the last couple of years, she has been a part of the management team in the group as Manager Portfolio, Strategy and Innovation.

“Grieg Maritime Group is quite a different platform from three years ago. We have three business areas with their own managing directors and teams delivering on operational, commercial and forwards leaning initiatives. Our corporate team must support this work, and a systematic approach to defining and measuring strategic progress is essential. We, therefore, saw the need to ensure the role to solidify our strategic planning and KPI follow-up was in place,” says CEO Matt Duke of Grieg Maritime Group.

“With Kjerstin already successfully handling our strategy processes, we did not need to look elsewhere for our new Chief Strategy Officer. She has shown the dedication and qualities required to succeed in the position, and I consider myself lucky to have her in my management team,” he continues.

Kjerstin will head the Strategy and Project Portfolio department in GMG, leading the development and execution of the group strategy. She also has a secondary function in Grieg Edge, as Head of Ocean Ventures.