plastic bottles

In 2020, we banned 90% of all single-use plastic onboard our ships. This year, we’ll demand high-quality on-land handling of the rest-waste.

It is challenging to remove plastics totally from our ships. Wrapping, bottles and cans are often plastics, and we will have to handle it. In 2020, we decided to remove single-use plastics from our vessels. The most efficient way of doing that is to delete those options from the purchasing system. Besides, several of our suppliers work hard to reduce the use of plastics in wrapping. Some even take back the plastic wrappings after delivering the supplies to us.

Overall, we have seen a considerable reduction in plastics onboard. Still, we have plastic waste we need to handle. The traditional way is to incinerate or deliver ashore. In 2020, we halved the amount of incineration of plastic waste, to reduce emissions to air. Now, we need to make sure what we deliver ashore does not end up in rivers and the ocean.

In November 2020, we implemented a new procedure for our ships. They will now store plastic waste until they arrive in a country with a high level of waste management.

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