After two years of incremental changes, Grieg Star Group adopts a name to mirror the development. From the 1st of January, the group is called “Grieg Maritime Group”.


Over the past two years, Grieg Star Group has undergone a series of smaller and more significant changes. We changed our CEO and Chair of the board; we restructured the organisation; we founded Grieg Edge; we brought Grieg Green closer into the group. All of these shifts and adjustments were essential steps in delivering on our strategy.
Stronger sustainability focus

“At all times, we must ensure we safely deliver on customer expectations and remain competitive in all we do. The maritime sector is evolving, and there are new threats and new opportunities. The industry must meet the emissions challenges related to climate change. In parallel, we must empower our team to select the right new technology and ways of working. In this backdrop of shifting tides, we also see new business opportunities and collaborations that can both improve our performance and develop new business segments,” says CEO of Grieg Maritime Group, Matt Duke.

“The changes in 2019 and 2020 are a result of that shift in thinking. Our organisation has strong foundations and is now streamlined, possessing the right mindset and structure to participate actively in this exciting future. ” Duke adds.

The new set up

For many years, “Grieg Star” has been the overlying brand for the group, even though Grieg Star AS is the ship management company. The group’s name has been “Grieg Star Group”. To avoid confusion regarding the group’s different areas, the group will now adopt a new name and proudly retain the Star-branding for our ship management company.

Grieg Maritime Group will consist of four building blocks:

  • Grieg Green: Sustainability services, green recycling, IHM
  • Grieg Edge: Maritime innovations with sustainability as a prerequisite
  • Grieg Star: Ship management and owners representative for ships in external management as well as ship manning through Grieg Philippines
  • Our ship owning activities, including:
    • Grieg Shipowning: ship ownership within the open hatch and conventional bulk segments, including Grieg Maas, a joint venture with Maas Capital
    • G2 Ocean: a joint venture with Gearbulk within open hatch and bulk shipping

We will rebrand our websites and social media presence in the coming weeks.

Media Contact
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Communications Manager Grieg Maritime Group
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