The Neptune declaration

We are proud to announce that we strengthen our Board of Directors with tech and transformation Leader Nada Ahmed.


Nada Ahmed joined our Board of Directors in April and brought new and important expertise to the table. She is currently Vice President Transformation at Aker Solutions with expertise in innovation and digital strategy, and new business development. Nada has led teams from early-stage innovation to testing new technologies and supporting their implementation into the market. She is an avid voice on innovation, agile leadership, design thinking, and diversity and inclusion.


“Nada brings new and important experience and expertise to our Board. She will challenge us and push us. I am looking forward to enjoying her insights and arguments, and together with the rest of the board, discuss how we will bring Grieg Maritime Group forward,” says Chair of the Board, Camilla Grieg.


Nada was on the 2020 list of Top 50 Women in Technology in Norway, awarded by Abelia and ODA network. She is also head of the board of the Polytechnical society Digital Leadership Community and on the advisory board of Noroff School of Technology and Digital Media.