Our business areas 

Grieg Maritime Group builds on more than 135 years of experience through our parent company, the Grieg Group. We innovate and deliver sustainability services to the maritime industry through our subsidiaries Grieg Edge and Grieg Green. Through Grieg Shipowning and Grieg Star, we develop world-leading ship owning and ship management operations. All our vessels trade in G2 Ocean, the world’s biggest Open Hatch shipping company, jointly owned by Gearbulk and ourselves.


Securing the maritime assets

Grieg Maritime Group owns most of the ships we offer to G2 Ocean’s pool. Still, quite a few are on bareboat or long time charter parties. A small team handles the financial and legal aspects of shipowning, including investor relations and financing. The majority of our vessels are Open Hatch vessels, an industrialised part of the general cargo segment. 

Waves - Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels
Waves - Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels


Pioneering sustainable shipping solutions

G2 Ocean is a joint venture of two of the world’s largest open hatch shipowning companies Gearbulk and Grieg Maritime Group. Since the company launched in 2017, G2 Ocean has become one of the world’s largest ship operators within the open hatch and dry bulk segment. G2 Ocean operates a fleet of 125 open hatch and conventional bulk vessels and completes over 4000 port calls to more than 70 countries each year. G2 Ocean has a local presence in 15 locations around the world and operates 32 trade routes on six continents.

Ship Management:

High quality and efficient ships

Grieg Star is our ship management company handling the day-to-day management of our open hatch vessels and liaison with external ship management companies on both owned and chartered vessels. Combining experience and attention to safety and quality with innovation and continuous improvement, Grieg Star aims to deliver world-class ship management services. Together with our partners in G2 Ocean, Grieg Star develops our vessels to be the best our customers can get. The team’s competence is also essential for several of the group’s innovation projects and for fleet sustainability transformation towards carbon-neutral operations.

ships' bow
Waves - Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Sustainability services:

Helping the business go green

Healthy businesses thrive in healthy societies. And healthier societies can only come true when we, the private sector, are engaged to develop profitable and sustainable business-solutions responding to human needs – like the environment. Grieg Green is committed to finding the best recycling yards that are available at their customers’ disposal. They also keep tabs on the changing legislation on ship recycling and stay on top of the latest trends and prices in the industry. Besides, Grieg Green offers high-quality services within IHM and other sustainability services for the maritime sector.

Future business innovation:

The creation of new sustainable businesses

With Grieg Edge, we aim to identify and develop new business opportunities within shipping and related maritime segments – always with sustainability as a requirement. We aim to discover, understand and ultimately solve customer problems – alone or together with partners. And we intend to use the most efficient tools to design sustainable solutions for a new tomorrow.

map norway and the ship MS Green ammonia