Elisabeth Grieg and Matt Duke standing in the front of Bergen Harbour.

Integrity Builds excellence

Meet our board

Our Board of Directors oversees our company’s governance structure. They consist of seven members, four of whom are internal and three independent. Their primary responsibility is to ensure the long-term success of Grieg Maritime Group and fulfill their duties to shareholders. The Board evaluates sustainability elements that impact strategic, operational, and financial matters, and meets at least eight times a year to assess relevant factors.

Meet our management

The CEO of Grieg Maritime Group oversees safety, security, and sustainability, including decisions on climate change and clean energy. The Top Management Team consists of seven senior executives, accountable to the Board to ensure compliance with company strategies, policies, and ethics. This prioritizes employee well-being, human rights, and risk assessment for climate change and environmental concerns.

An old vessel sailing at sea.

Our history

We have been a leading innovator in shipping since the early 1960ies. We have paved way for more efficient and more sustainable shipping for over 50 years. But our story started in 1884.

Our History