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News / February 20 2024

Grieg Star increases maternity benefits

Being a mother and a seafarer is challenging. That is why we increase the maternity benefits to make it easier to juggle parenthood and career.

Grieg Star is committed to fairness and family values and is now rolling out a revamped maternity benefits program designed to give seafaring moms the support they need. This isn’t just about paperwork – it’s about recognising the real-life challenges women face juggling careers and kids while on the open sea.

The health of the pregnant mom and baby is our priority, and we will repatriate at the latest in week 26. Of course, we will not send her ashore without some financial security, and she will receive the best option between her regular wage or basic wage for 100 days, ensuring economic security leading up to birth.

After birth, we will ensure the mom has paid maternity leave for 120 days with a basic wage or 135 days for single moms. If a Grieg Star seafarer is pregnant, out of contract and cannot board a ship due to the pregnancy, we will grant 90 days of paid maternity leave, provided she has sailed for five contracts with Grieg.

As a new mom with Grieg Star, you and your newborn will stay covered under the Family Medical Plan. After your maternity leave, you will be given the opportunity to sail shorter contracts, down to four months onboard and three months on vacation. We hope that will help our seafarers keep their careers afloat while raising a family.

We think changes like this matter. It’s about recognising the sacrifices moms make daily to keep our ships sailing smoothly. We believe moms deserve a fair shot at success, whether on land or at sea.