Portrait of Nicolai Grieg
News / December 01 2023

Nicolai Grieg new deputy CEO

Head of Shipowning Nicolai Grieg takes deputy CEO role to highlight shipowning’s crucial role in Grieg Maritime Group’s strategy.

Nicolai Grieg has led Grieg Edge since 2019 and headed the Grieg Maritime Group shipowning team the last year.

“Nicolai has spearheaded a tremendous development in Grieg Edge and our Shipowning team. The development and ordering of the N-class and the newbuildings ordered in Skarv Shipping are among the organisation’s achievements under Nicolai’s leadership,” says CEO Matt Duke.

Nicolai will remain the Managing Director of Grieg Edge and the Head of Shipowning.  In addition, he will now also act as CEO whenever Matt Duke is absent.

“This is a formalisation and well-deserved recognition of the role of Head of Shipowning. It is a paramount part of our business, and we always need to have that focus with us in top management. I am really looking forward to having Nicolai as my deputy through the exciting years ahead,” says Duke.

“I am happy to be given the opportunity and token of confidence from Matt, and I look forward to getting even more involved in the strategic deliberations and decisions in Grieg Maritime Group,” says Nicolai Grieg.


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