Grieg Maritime Group pledges for 40% female managers by 2030.
News / March 08 2022

We pledge 40% female managers by 2030

Grieg Maritime Group

Grieg Maritime Group will respond to Wista Norway’s “40 by 30” campaign and work for gender equality by having 40% female managers within eight years.

Equity and diversity have been essential parts of our company policies for years. Still, Grieg Maritime Group is not where we want it to be. Of our shore employees, almost 50% are women. But only 27% are in management positions. Of the top management, 43% are women.

“We always want the best employees and the best teams, which means the right mix of qualifications and experience. We can’t get that by excluding at least half of the talent pool,” Grieg Maritime Group CEO Matt Duke says.

By signing the WISTA Norway ’40 by 30′ pledge, we have committed ourselves to:

  1. Creating specific goals to increase diversity anchored by management
  2. Ensuring that diversity goals are measured, regularly reviewed and published on your company’s website
  3. Striving towards 40% women in leading positions by 2030

With only 15% of managers within shipping being women today, our industry has work to do. We are confident we will get there.

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