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News / April 24 2020

A sweet alternative to single-use plastic


Grieg Star vessels will no longer have drinking water on single-use plastic bottles. The replacement is multi-use bottles made from sugarcane.

Grieg Star vessels produced a total of 532 cubic meters of non-compressed plastic waste in 2019. Much of this waste comes from single-use bottles for drinking water as well as food and storage wrapping.


Cuts 4,5 tonnes of plastic bottles

The Grieg Group has the ambition to end the use of single-use plastic onshore by the end of 2020. Onboard, we will reduce the use of all kind of plastic by 30 per cent within the end of the year.

Both targets are a part of our Sustainable Development Goals. One of the main contributors to single-use plastic onboard is single-use water bottles.

In 2019 we purchased and used a total of 150,000 single-use plastic bottles on the 32 Grieg Star ships. That means an average of about 4,600 bottles or about 140 kg of plastic waste for each vessel. For the fleet, this means 4,5 tonnes of plastic waste every year. If we add the carbon footprint in the production and transportation of these bottles, it definitely has a negative environmental impact.


Sugarcane bottles

In 2020 we will replace the single-use bottles by multi-use bottles. These bottles are made of 94% bioplastic from sugarcane and are free from BPA and chemicals.

We produce our own drinking water on board, using seawater. The water is filtered and controlled before we fill it on water dispensers placed in various locations onboard. The seafarers can then fill their sugarcane bottles from the dispensers.

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